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Interacting with Humans

part of The Starling Way.

Investigate relational dynamics and how to leverage them to persuade, collaborate with, and inspire the people around you—reports, peers, and higher-ups.

Topics covered:
  • Motivation

  • Power Dynamics

  • Trust & Safety

  • Communication & Storytelling

  • Organizational Relationship Map

  • Team Culture Assessment

  • Storytelling Framework

We also take sidesteps into the neuroscience of empathy and emotional contagion, and get real about what power looks and sounds like, resilience, communicating across lines of difference, and leading virtual teams.

Being able to motivate others, create nurturing environments for the people around you, and communicate persuasively is the core of your job as a leader. By the end of this course, we wouldn’t be surprised if your team’s engagement scores go up and attrition goes down.

Live Cohort-Based Learning

Get the most effective learning experience with small-group interaction, real-time feedback, and additional activities.

Available exclusively for Starling Members

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Self-Paced Learning

Learn on your schedule with a tailored self-paced experience.

Available exclusively for Starling Members

Self Paced

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How does the live cohort work?

This course is completed in a two-week sprint, including one-week for asynchronous learning and interaction, one 90-minute live session (via Zoom) with up to 20 peers and a facilitator. The final deliverable is due a week after the live session.

How does the self-paced option work?

You'll get immediate and ongoing access to a learning experience and coursework tailored to a self-paced approach. Participants are NOT eligible for a certificate of completion.

What do I get?
  • A toolkit of resources and activities to work through yourself and with your team

  • 18-20 hours of learning during the sprint, with more to come back to and explore on your own time

  • Cohort participants earn a certificate of completion

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