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The Starling Community

together we lead.

Thinking of answering the bat signal? Excellent! Let’s make sure it’s the right fit…


​Being a member of the Starling community will require a commitment from you, so we want to make sure you’ll be happy here before you decide to join.

We believe in the power of reciprocity and collective intelligence. We believe that when we actively participate, share our experiences, and support one another, we create an environment where everyone can flourish and achieve their personal definition of success


If you choose to join us as a member of our vibrant collective, you'll have the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of peers, exchange ideas, and collaborate on solving real-world challenges. You’ll have access to resources and tools that you can use on the job, and events where you can connect to others with the same mission. We foster an environment where your voice is heard, your contributions matter, and together, we create a collective wisdom that surpasses any individual expertise. 


So, if you're up for all of this, we invite you to join our flock at Starling.

All memberships include:
  • Access to our online platform & community

  • 20% discount on all courses

  • Ever-expanding collection of resources

  • Monthly events

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