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Learn FAST.

Starling's proprietary framework helps make learning stick.

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Starling's FAST Framework.

Learning doesn’t need to be rigid and boring. More importantly, learning shouldn’t be in one ear and out the other. Our FAST Framework leverages research-backed principles of how people learn and best practices in learning design to help make learning last.

Starling's FAST Framework: Flexible
Starling's FAST Framework: Active
Starling's FAST Framework: Social
Starling's FAST Framework: Trailblazing

Learning that’s flexible.

Learners learn best when they have choice and freedom. Professional development needs to fit into your busy schedule and meet you where you’re at, not the other way around. Starling gives you ultimate flexibility:


  • Live or self-paced. Whether you’re looking to speed through material on your own time or have the accountability of a scheduled event, we’ve got you covered. 

  • In-depth or at-a-glance. Go deep on a particular topic in a six-part course or get just a taste with a six-minute micro lesson (or do both).

  • This way or that. Choose the topics that speak to you. We cover a wide range of topics across the curriculum and within each course for more multi-dimensional leadership.

Learning that’s active.

Learners learn best when they actually do stuff. That means not just watching videos until your eyes glaze over, but engaging your brain, practicing, exploring, discussing, teaching back, reflecting, and more. Starling’s experiences are fundamentally active:


  • More doing. We keep the content light and have you doing more than you’re consuming. And no, we don’t just mean answering a bunch of multiple choice questions.

  • More questions. We design our learning to re-ignite curiosity and cultivate a habit of questioning that will serve you well in all corners of life.

  • More ownership. We encourage you to take control of your professional development. Set goals. Make choices. Actively own it.

Learning that’s social.

Learning is enhanced by other people. Professional development in community gives us a chance to refine our knowledge and skills, expand our horizons, and keep us showing up. Starling gives you the gold standard in social learning:


  • Peer-supported. All of our courses, events, and conversations are embedded within a community willing to give feedback, go deeper, and keep you motivated.

  • Peer-led. You don’t just get opportunities to learn from your peers, you get to teach them, too (coincidentally, it’s a really great way of learning something).

  • Values-aligned. Starling members are oriented around a shared mission and values promoting well-being at work—we are your people.

Learning that’s trailblazing.

OK, so this ones a little more opinion than science, but we really believe learning doesn’t need to be the stuffy, sterile, one-and-done courses you’re used to. Starling gives you professional development like you won’t find it anywhere else:


  • Fresh perspectives. We look at things a little differently and encourage you to do the same. We’re deeply human and tell it like it is.

  • Fresh format. Choose professional development that stays with you from this professional chapter to the next and that is bucking the trend of video + question.

  • Fresh purpose. We want you to succeed, whatever that means to you. Whether that’s more money and a bigger title or something else, we’ll help you be happier and healthier along the way.

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