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Learn better.

So you can spend more time on what matters to you.

Knowledge is power (and happiness).

We believe that the right kind of learning offers a path to happiness and health at work. In fact, we don’t just believe it, we know it—research shows that when we’re good at what we do, we’re more likely to be engaged and satisfied in our roles. The problem is, traditional professional development isn’t cutting it. We’re here to help.

Learn FAST.

Starling's professional development combines community interaction with self-paced resources and live events. All of our learning experiences are designed to be FAST: Flexible, Active, Social, and Trailblazing.

Our learning is effective, meets you where you’re at, and levels with you like only your work bestie can.

Read more about Starling's FAST Framework here.

Starling's FAST Framework
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Learn what matters.

Our curriculum is unlike anything else out there. It empowers you to become a more self-aware and human-centered leader…in addition to really freaking good at your job. Beyond covering a range of core managerial responsibilities from goal-setting and budgeting to hiring and coaching, our programs go deeper. Our foundational program on leadership—The Starling Way—helps you build underlying skills that apply in almost every situation: self-awareness, how to think, relating to others, and navigating the systems and structure of business.

Learn more about the curriculum here.

What our members are saying about our learning.

“The first course, "Knowing Yourself" is intense. The course is straight to the point, offers real advice from mid-level leaders, and is a safe place for the community to feel heard and seen."

Alyssa S

Alyssa S.

Account Manager

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