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Learning, community, and purpose.

As a member of Starling, you get all-inclusive access to our courses, micro lessons, events, resources, chat channels, and members—all via our private platform, “The Nest.” Everything we offer is designed to help you Learn, Connect, and Give Backand it's all in service of making you happier and healthier at work.

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Research shows that when we’re good at our jobs, we’re happier at work. The problem is—especially as mid-level leaders—we don’t always get the training we need to succeed. We’re promoted into management for being excellent individual contributors, but no one teaches us how to develop reports and oversee the operations of a team. 


At Starling, we help you take control of your growth and build confidence with learning experiences that are flexible, active, and social and transform how we think about professional development.


Our courses represent the core of the Starling learning experience. We've crafted them to be Flexible, Active, Social, and Trailblazing. Click here to read about our FAST Framework.


Spanning multiple weeks, these experiences offer deep dives into important topics ranging from the more abstract to the concretely applied.

Our flagship program, The Starling Way, explores fundamental skills that can be applied in any situation, while our Management Fundamentals course complements this with pragmatic, task-specific management skills.

Workshops & events.

Starling's event lineup includes interactive workshops that complement our course offerings, inspiring speaker events, and engaging social gatherings.

These events are not just add-ons; they are integral parts of the Starling learning experience, bringing to life the concepts, skills, and values explored in our courses.

At Starling, our events are designed to enrich your learning journey, offering diverse experiences that cater to all aspects of your professional development.

Micro lessons.

We don't always have time for full-length courses and leisurely study. Sometimes we just need to know something right now.

Starling's micro lessons are designed for learners on the go. Created by our community members, these 5- to 10-minute videos provide a high-level understanding of a topic that is either critical to your job or will help you stand out from your peers.

Bite-sized and easily consumable, watch them over breakfast or on the treadmill. And there are no quizzes, exams, or essays because sometimes we don't have time for that stuff!

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Humans are social creatures—connecting with others has many benefits, from improving physical and mental health to establishing a sense of belonging and purpose. And connecting with people who share our values creates stronger relationships, better outcomes, and greater resilience.


The Starling community offers a space for diverse professionals to connect beyond the boundaries of workplaces. We foster active dialogue, exchange, and mutual support to build relationships that stick with you wherever your career journey takes you.

Starling Community memberrs

+100 Community Members & Growing


We believe in providing a safe space where vibrant community conversations occur and diverse ideas and experiences converge.

In our conversation forums, our members share their experiences and seek help on a variety of topics they might hesitate to address in their professional settings.

The result is a library of real-life experiences and wisdom, offering a wealth of knowledge for our members to tap into as they work to redefine our relationships with work.

One-on-one interactions.

Our platform includes direct messaging for one-on-one interactions, enabling you to connect directly with anyone in the community quickly and easily.


Leverage the Starling network for tailored advice, mentorship, and deep insights. Engage in meaningful conversations, gain from the wisdom of diverse perspectives, and find solutions tailored to your challenges.

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Social gatherings.

Sometimes, you just need a space to chat, vent, or connect. Our social events are tailored to foster connections and camaraderie.


Featuring engaging Community Coffee Chats, lively game nights, relaxing happy hours, and various other social events, we aim to create a welcoming space where members can mingle, share stories, and enjoy moments of leisure beyond the confines of professional roles.

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Give back.

We believe that each of us has something of value to give. And luckily enough, research shows that the act of giving makes us feel great.


That’s why giving back is a core part of the Starling experience. Members play a key role in helping us shape the direction and future of the community and our offerings. They share their expertise and advice in micro lessons, contribute experiences and perspectives to our courses, and add resources to our collections.


Together, we engage in community challenges to tackle big problems (like meeting culture in the workplace), and we help each other solve problems when they arise.


Our goal is to foster an environment where your voice is heard, your contribution matters, and together, we create a collective wisdom that surpasses any individual expertise.


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