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Lead with your best self, using our best insights.

The Murmuration is Starling’s weekly newsletter, designed to help mid-level professionals thrive. Each week, we'll deliver actionable micro lessons and content in four core areas:

  • Forward-thinking leadership skills

  • Happiness and health at work

  • Readings that help spark new ideas

  • Starling Community insights and advice

All so you can kick butt in your role and take control of your wellbeing at work.

Access great content, delivered directly to your inbox.

Leadership Skills.

Actionable nuggets on topics like self-awareness, thinking skills, interpersonal dynamics, navigating the system and structures of business, fundamental management responsibilities (like hiring and budgeting), and more.

Wellness at Work.

Tips and tricks on how to be happier and healthier at work and create a kickass environment for others, including info on progressive policies, personal management practices, mindset, culture-building, and more.

Great Reads.

A digest of stuff from around the web that caught our eye this week, from our favorite Harvard Business Review articles to content that helps spark new ideas and feeds your generalist cravings from sources like Scientific American and Nautilus.

Community Round-up.

A snapshot of the most noteworthy advice and conversations happening in the Starling Community platform and events, plus announcements about upcoming events, classes, and other community goings-on.

Join a movement changing the way we work.

We started Starling in 2023 with a mission to change the way we work, pushing back on things like burnout, hustle culture, and toxic leadership. We believe that empowering mid-level leaders with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to thrive is the key to successful individuals and organizations. The Murmuration is designed to bring you bite-sized, actionable insights that will help you own and expand your joy and agency at work, one week at a time.

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Hear what our subscribers are saying.


"Starling's resources are top-notch."

"They are easy to digest and approachable, so it feels like learning from friends. I learn so much from the community—not just about how to be a better leader but also how to have a fulfilling relationship with work."

~ Clea M. (Enablement Manager)


"The Murmuration hits the right issues."

"I coach senior leaders, and I find the topics and insights in the newsletter refreshing and relevant to my client work. The content goes deeper than most content directed at professional development for the middle."

~ Wes C. (Founder @ Creatio)


"Starling's content speaks to me and how I want to lead."

"It’s always relevant and timely to what I experience every day at work, and I appreciate that it’s always straight to the point. I often find myself saving little tidbits to come back to later—they always make me think!"

~ Dipa D. (Sr. Curriculum Strategist)

Lead with your best self.

Join hundreds of mid-level professionals just like you who are transforming the way we work.

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