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Mobilizing a new generation of leaders

to change the way we work.

Starling is a new kind of professional development. We offer a holistic and multifaceted solution that provides mid-level leaders the learning experiences, real-world resources, and social support they need to thrive in their roles, nurture the people around them, and create better workplaces.

We focus our efforts in three areas

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Encouraging leaders to better understand themselves as individuals, and continue to learn and grow in ways that are right for them.

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Exploring how collectively we might make equitable, healthy, and sustainable workplaces the status quo in the future.

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Co-constructing the knowledge and skills leaders need to be effective in their roles and positively impact the people around them.

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Our Story.

Work sucks. There must be a better way.

Having spent nearly half of our careers as managers, directors, or new VPs, we are very familiar with the trials and tribulations of leading from the middle.


Our joke is that we made our careers out of Googling stuff. All-too-often when individual contributors step into leadership roles, no one teaches them how to budget, or capacity plan, or manage change. No one teaches them how to create trust and psychological safety on a team.


More than that, while there are plenty of great workplaces and leaders out there (we’ve encountered a number of them, personally), the unfortunate reality is that many of the workplaces and leadership structures around mid-level leaders drive burnout and stress at an alarming rate. With Starling, we’re hoping to change all that.

Why this matters.

There’s a mental health crisis in the workplace and leaders can help fix it.


of American
workers feel
burned out


of workers seek a workplace that supports their mental health

$300 bn

estimated impact
of job stress
on the US economy


of a team’s engagement is influenced by managers

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