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Be happier and healthier
at work.

Join a community with the
professional development and support you need to thrive. 

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Empowering, effective, affordable.

You’re tired of being reactive and want to take control of your learning and development. Better yet, you want to do that in a community that values happiness and well-being at work, and that will be there for you in this professional chapter and the next (and the one after that).

You're seeking balance.

You want to create both a kickass culture at work and kickass memories with your family and friends…without becoming the next burnout statistic.

You’re looking to learn.

You recognize the need for continuous growth and yet it is a continuous struggle to find learning that works.

You're done with the noise.

You've watched dozens of LinkedIn Learnings, you’ve Googled every solution, and YouTube is your best professional development friend. You're tired of going it alone.

Starling's got you covered.

Think of us as a gym membership for your professional fitness.

For $17 a month (on an annual plan) we provide the learning opportunities, resources, and connections you need to be really freaking good at your job, create a healthier relationship with work, and become the type of leader that others want to work for. 


Join us to become part of a diverse network of values-aligned people committed to helping each other and changing how we work.

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What our members are saying.

“Whether I'm seeking feedback on a new initiative or simply need to vent about a tough day, I know I can turn to the community for understanding and encouragement."

Christine M

Christine M.

Director of Product Marketing

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