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The Generative Workplace: How Process and Structure can Drive Culture

Imagine a workplace where cooperation and collaboration are the norms, where information flows freely, managers trust and mentor their teams, the best ideas are heard and implemented, and mistakes are valued as learning opportunities. This is the essence of a generative workplace.

Generative workplaces are not only comfortable environments; research shows they are higher performing and more sustainable.

Come prepared to share your experiences and ask questions!

In this webinar we'll:

  • Outline the key characteristics of a generative workplace

  • Discuss why every company beyond its initial startup phase should strive to become generative

  • Provide practical guidance on team structures, prioritization, goal setting, and performance measurement that you can apply immediately to your work


Starling & Mark Lazen

12:00 PM Eastern Time

September 12, 2024

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About Mark

Mark Lazen is a seasoned technology, product, and operational leader with decades of experience in the edtech, media, and social sectors. He excels in decision-making and prioritization within complex, ambiguous environments, structuring roles and teams for success, and fostering workplace cultures that empower individuals to contribute and grow to their full potential.


Mark resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two dogs, who still seem surprised that it's not safe to sleep next to the casters of his desk chair.

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